We are a computational/theoretical condensed matter and materials physics group that are seeking to explain and predict the electronic, structural, optical, mechanical, transport, and magnetic properties of novel 2D materials, bulk, nanostructures, and composite materials using various levels of computational techniques. We are developing and currently use diverse computational approaches in our work, which includes the density functional theory and first-principles-based many-body approaches to study the properties of materials.

Several openings are available for highly motivated individuals (students and postdocs) with an interest in materials modeling and in development tools for computational condensed matter and materials physics. Interested applicants should send their their CV to che218@lehigh.edu

Information for graduate students can be found at Physics@Lehigh


American Physical Society
March Meetings
Denver, Co
March 2-6, 2020
The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society
Annual Meetings & Exhibitions
San Diego, CA
March 23-27, 2020
Materials Research Society
Spring Meetings & Exhibitions
Phoenix, AZ
April. 13-17, 2020 

How do we put the many-body properties of correlated materials to practical use?

He who controls the materials controls the Science & Technology


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