All good things are wild and free

(a) Useful How To's, Templates, etc.

(1). Linux and Computational links.

(2). John Wilkins' Onepagers (guides for writing, speaking...).

(3). Wilkins' Other Links.

(4). Templates and guides for writing papers with REVTEX4.

(b) Useful Educational Resources

(5). A Course in Graduate Electrodynamics

(6).  A Course in Solid State Physics.

(7). Lectures on Many-body Physics.

(8). 50 Years of Anderson Localization (Good Reference Materials).

(9). Computational Physics Resources from the web page of Dr. Mark Jarrell

(10). Yambo Free Lecture Notes

(c) Useful Computational Codes (Some are Free)

(11). WIEN2K- This is an all-electron FP-LAPW.

(12). VASP-This is a pseudo-potential (PAW) basis.  

(13). Quantum Expresso - This is a pseudo-potential (PAW) basis. 

(14). ABINIT-This is pseudo-potentials and a plane-wave or wavelet basis. FREE STUFF.

(15). BIGDFT -This is pseudo-potentials and a plane-wave or wavelet basis. FREE STUFF.

(16). CRYSTAL- This is an LCAO basis.

(17). GAUSSIAN- This is a Gaussian (LCAO) basis.

(18). BOLTZTRAP- This is based on Boltzmann transport theory for calculating transport properties. FREE STUFF.

(19). SMEAGOL- Based on Keldish Formalism (Non-Equilibrium Green Function) for calculating transport properties. FREE STUFF.

(20). WIEN2WANNIER- Interface to many codes to obtain maximally localized Wannier functions. FREE STUFF. 

(21). TRIQS- A Toolbox for Research on Interacting Quantum Systems. FREE STUFF.

(22). MANY CODE LINKS HERE- A very elaborate link to many codes too numerous to list here.

(23). Many codes here- Most of them are free.

- Henry David Thoreau -

How do we put the many-body properties of correlated materials to practical use?

He who controls the materials controls the Science & Technology


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